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International Women's Day: Jeannie Frederick, COO

In honour of International Women's Day, we spotlight Jeannie Frederick, who joined Kick in May 2021, from Dacoll Ltd, where she served over five years as Group Service Director. Now as Chief Operating Officer at Kick, Jeannie brings invaluable experience in customer service, service delivery, and contract retention.

Here’s a little more insight into some of Jeannie’s diverse interests...She admires Sandra Bullock for her leadership, Steve Martin for his humour, and Jon Bon Jovi for his music and charity work. Jeannie’s blood type is O-negative, a rarity she proudly shares through regular blood donations. While she jests about wishing for the ability to teach common sense, Jeannie's blend of professional expertise and personal passions are examples of the innovation and leadership we celebrate on International Women's Day.

Why do you think it is important to celebrate International Women’s Day?
It’s a day where women from all walks of life get the recognition they deserve for their achievements. It’s important that we celebrate worldwide and to encourage others to have the confidence to be themselves and reach new goals.

Have you faced any barriers in your career due to being a woman? If so, how did you overcome them?
I would say obstacles, not barriers, where things were made more difficult for me rather than stopping me.

Problem solving is one of my strengths, so once aware of what was going on, I worked with the facts, I tried to pre-empt what was going to happen next, found a workaround and planned my next steps with people who supported me. It was difficult, but it made me stronger and made me fight for what was right, which I would always encourage.

We all have strengths and weaknesses: What are your greatest strengths, and what could you work on?
People skills and problem solving. I could work on saying ‘no’ more and delegating!

How can we encourage more women to pursue entrepreneurship or senior leadership roles in their career?
Show them what is possible, give real examples, support them to try new things, provide career paths, help them overcome any fears and be the best they can be. At Kick we have good female/male balance in the workplace, there is always room to improve but for an IT company we are doing well. Whilst we have woman in technical roles, we also have roles that are not IT orientated, many of our operational board are female managers in Finance, Project Management, HR and Marketing.

Is there anyone that inspires/has inspired you in your career?

My Dad, I get my work ethic from him, an engineer to trade and from what I could see an awesome people manager. From time to time, he would often check in with his team after hours or at the weekends, sometimes I would accompany him to his workplace which was 24/7. He had a good work/life balance, always had time for family activities during the week and at weekends. People came first with him. He was also ambidextrous which amused me from a very young age, and no matter how much I tried I have never quite conquered it.

Why do you think diversity in the workplace is so important?

Aren’t we all diverse? We are all people, we have the same goals, dreams, and fears, so it is important to treat us all the same way. Everyone should be respected and valued at the same level, encourage this in the workplace and you will have better teamwork, improved performance, employee loyalty and retention.

What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

Take your team with you! For you to progress you need to mentor, promote, and bring your team with you. When you find something you enjoy, give it your all. This is so true and the most enjoyable part of my career, helping others and watching them thrive.

If you weren't in ICT what would you be doing?

Lanzarote tour guide, or wine taster… seriously though I enjoy working with people so coaching and mentoring.

How would you like to be remembered?

Professionally - a supportive manager, approachable and a good leader.
Personally - a good friend, dedicated mum and family orientated.