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TeamViewer: IT Security Update

TeamViewer IT Security Update

TeamViewer has released a crucial security update reassuring customers that their data has not been compromised following a recent cyber attack. The investigation, which is still ongoing, confirms that the breach was contained to TeamViewer's internal corporate IT environment, leaving their product environment, connectivity platform, and customer data untouched.

Key points from TeamViewer's security update:

Attack contained: The security breach was limited to the internal corporate IT systems of TeamViewer.

Customer data unaffected: There has been no impact on the separated product environment or the TeamViewer connectivity platform.

Employee data compromised: The threat actor accessed an employee account, resulting in the exposure of names, corporate contact information, and encrypted passwords within the internal IT environment.

Enhanced security measures: TeamViewer, in collaboration with Microsoft, has mitigated the risks associated with the compromised encrypted passwords by hardening authentication procedures and implementing additional protection layers.

TeamViewer has proactively communicated with their employees and relevant authorities, emphasising their commitment to maintaining a secure environment. The company is rebuilding its internal IT systems to ensure a fully trusted state and prevent future incidents.

Recommendations for TeamViewer users:

In light of this update, our advice to customers is to take the following precautions to enhance security:

  1. Monitor accounts: Keep a vigilant eye on your TeamViewer and other remote access accounts for any unusual activity.
  2. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA): Add an extra layer of security by enabling 2FA. Detailed instructions can be found on the TeamViewer support page here.
  3. Stay informed: Follow updates from TeamViewer and reputable cybersecurity news sources for the latest information and best practices.
  4. Review access logs: Regularly check access logs for any unauthorised or suspicious remote access attempts.

TeamViewer remains committed to transparency and security, promising to provide ongoing updates in their Trust Centre as more information becomes available.

For more details, contact our support team.