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Kick ICT Group acquires C2 Software Limited

Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (d/EPM) delivers business and financial performance management applications with tools that allow you to centralise your data, build plans that will drive your business forward and forecast/model your future more accurately.


With d/EPM, you'll access analytics and business intelligence that provide a real-time view of organisation performance, alongside unlocking siloed data and having the capability to transform this information into actionable insights. The application combines budgeting, planning and forecasting into one place, delivering better business modeling and an agile platform for operational planning, workforce budgeting, and sales estimates, amongst much more.


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What to expect from d/EPM

Multi Dimensional Reporting

Offering a holistic view of organisation performance with tools to deliver consistent reporting for past, present and future performance

Anytime, Anywhere

 Fully mobile platform accessible across any device - mobile, tablet, desktop and laptop


Unlock your data silos

Centralised business data connected and accessible via intuitive dashboard

Improved Business Planning

Connects strategy, planning, analytics and risk management in one platform


Fully Integrated

Benefit from Kick's extensive experience integrating d/EPM across a range of accounting platforms

Ongoing Support

Available from consultation to deployment and ongoing customer care to ensure you gain maximum benefit from d/EPM


Infor d/EPM in less than three minutes

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Why Kick for Infor ERP & finance applications?

Our consultants and support teams are deployed to help our 12,000 users of Infor and related applications, channelling over 250 years combined experience in SME and enterprise accounting, financial and BI solutions.

We’ve been working with customers to deliver thousands of Infor and ERP projects since 1982 and as a leading UK reseller of Infor solutions and a Pegasus Centre of Excellence Partner, you can trust in our expertise - we’re here to help.

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