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SunSystems Accounting

The complete ledger accounting solution. 

Meet change with confidence.

Traditional financial management systems often lock you into rules, structures, and business models that can’t evolve to meet changing needs. Infor SunSystems has the agility to work the way you want, empowering you to meet change with confidence and easily manage business growth. SunSystems delivers all aspects of accounting management, including nominal ledger, payables and receivable ledgers, cashbook, multi-currency, and multi-dimensional analysis from one single source.

Thanks to SunSystems’ inherent flexibility, organisations can meet evolving accounting and reporting requirements. It captures detailed data directly at the source and allows you to see performance up close by breaking transactions down to their individual details. Whether the needs of the business change or processes are being revised, new data can be captured whenever it’s needed, and analysis can be performed on that data immediately. SunSystems uses a unified ledger to hold all financial transactions in a single, integrated transaction set. Fast, easy access to information ensures you’ll never be out of balance. You can easily report across all transactions without requiring reconciliation and all transactions are posted as part of the same data set simultaneously.

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Combine business processes with modern technology
By extending the use of SunSystems with Infor Operating Services (OS) as the underlying technology platform, SunSystems users get a modern unified experience and the ability to create configurable workflows and alerts to help optimise business processes. This platform will allow customers to create user definable alerts and workflows such as being notified when there is a material difference on the balance between periods.

Parallel charts of accounts

Organisations can have various charts of accounts structures for different entities. This supports the requirement of some countries to code financial data to a statutory chart of accounts structure. Acquired entities may continue to operate a historic coding structure, and different lines of business can utilise other structures that are more appropriate. Multiple charts of accounts can be maintained for each company, making it easy to apply different reporting perspectives to the same financial transactions.

Parallel books for different accounting treatments

In addition to the actual accounting transactions, another 10 books (transaction sets) are available for each company. These books share the same accounting structure and setup but hold separate transactions—allowing the capture of budgets and commitment transactions, as well as enabling adjustments to be recorded for alternative treatments (such as local GAAP, US GAAP, SORP, IFRS, USALI, or tax adjustments).

Gain full visibility over every level of your company



Multi-company support is standard for most business accounting systems, but SunSystems takes this further with support for configurations of each business as separate locales within one deployment. Each configuration can have its own base currency, chart of accounts, and business rules to meet local requirements. Each configuration can have its own independent setup, or multiple companies can be supported within a single business entity.


While only one accounting period can be specified on a transaction, different accounting periods can be created for reporting. As data is retained at the transaction level, it can be reaggregated to different periods as required.


SunSystems can be run as a single system, running simultaneously in multiple languages, and with different users accessing the system in the language of their choice. The 16 core languages are Arabic, Brazilian-Portuguese, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Czech, English, French, German, Italian Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Thai, and Turkish.


SunSystems supports four currency dimensions for each transaction: transaction currency (variable), base currency (fixed per business unit), reporting currency (fixed per business unit), and fourth currency (variable). “Variable” means the fourth currency code may vary line by line with the ability to address sophisticated requirements, such as branch accounting in different currencies, tracking values by a charity’s donor, or other payment currency (which is distinct from the transaction currency, or the local or corporate accounting currencies).


SunSystems’ tax calculation capability is simple, but flexible, addressing most tax requirements within the core product. For some more complex calculations, SunSystems can integrate with common taxation platforms and provide automated maintenance of rules and rates.

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