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Infor SunSystems Connect

Infor's next generation reporting tools for SunSystems Cloud.

Tap into a powerful electronic gateway.

Infor SunSystems Connect allows you to quickly and easily integrate SunSystems with web applications, portals, front-office systems, and other external business applications. Data held in SunSystems can be queried, created, and updated directly from other applications—data transferred into SunSystems is fully validated through SunSystems’ business logic.

SunSystems Connect uses industry standard protocols—Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)—for data transfer. Both protocols are widely accepted as leading standards for connectivity that support data transfer across multiple platforms.


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Connect Applications

SunSystems Connect enhances SunSystems’ transaction import capabilities with true, online application-to-application
interfaces. Transactions can be posted online in real time as the data is validated. Virtually any application that is XML compatible can link to SunSystems’ data functions and application components.

With SunSystems Connect, external applications can:

  • Access specific application processes within SunSystems (such as an e-commerce sales system that requires
  • SunSystems’ pricing mechanism for goods)
  • Pass data to SunSystems for processing (such as a sales order created in an e-commerce application that’s then fulfilled by SunSystems)
  • Directly look up reference data (such as nominal and analysis codes) in SunSystems

Transfer Desk

Transfer Desk is a SunSystems client application that provides a design interface and runtime environment for defining import and export processes. It enables the transfer of data internally within or between SunSystems databases, and both to and from external files.

These files can be hierarchical, flat, and/or delimited—with the
ability to define how the external files map to SunSystems data.
Transfer Desk also enables:

  • Filtering and summarising ledger data
  • Implementing import error-correction
  • Automating multiple transfer processes, logically
    ordered (prioritised)
  • Viewing the results history of transfer processes and automations

Give Apps Real-Time Access

Some of SunSystems Connect’s key benefits include:

  • Integration capabilities that enable web applications with real-time access to SunSystems’ data and components
  • Functions and logical components that can be accessed from within other application environments; the capabilities,
    business rules, and logic that are implemented in SunSystems don’t have to be replicated in external applications
  • A platform for sharing data and processes with suppliers and customers via XML
  • “Future-proof” published interfaces that maintain full functionality, even as SunSystems’ underlying functions
    evolve over time; published interfaces don’t have to be updated

Optimise data synchronisation
SunSystems Connect streamlines the task of synchronising reference data held in other applications by allowing any updates to be replicated back into SunSystems. This minimises potential errors as data only needs to be entered once.

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