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SunSystems Inventory

Track inventory movements across items and warehouses.

SunSystems allows organisations to better manage inventory by enabling greater control of inventory levels without forfeiting essential customer service levels. SunSystems provides full visibility of product, intermediate, and raw material items-with complete lot and batch control.

The module includes inventory management and inventory traceability, with additional options such as costing, landed costing, cost analysis, and product profiles. It tracks inventory movements in and out of different warehouse locations, and includes multiple allocation and costing methods, as well as extensive user-defined analysis capabilities, across items and warehouses.

The Product Profiling feature allows additional characteristics to be tracked against inventory receipts and issues, even though the information is not significant enough (such as item colour) to include a separate record in the item master. SunSystems Inventory Management is fully integrated with the Financials modules, with shared Analysis Codes and powerful mapping facilities to automatically generate accounting transactions in real time. This provides an up-to-date view of the financial position driven by inventory activity.

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What to expect from SunSystems Cloud Inventory

Item definition

  • Provide a wide range of associated information for analysis with the item master
  • Update item details with additional descriptions
  • Define a range of acceptable values on characteristics recorded against an item
  • Set up holds on multiple prices for each item
  • Hold multiple cost values—such as standard, actual, and average costs—using different currencies
  • Produce rolled-up standard costs for manufactured items using standard costs for each item defined in the bill of materials
  • Record employee details against an item for selective processing
  • Define units of measure, their descriptions, and conversion calculations
  • Set rules to allow item codes to be superseded by other item codes
  • Attach a definition of resources to product definitions

Inventory process

  • Set up automatic or manual inventory allocation facilities
  • Take advantage of a range of options for printing movements
  • Select flexible inventory control—either automatic or manual
  • Create serial numbers for low or high volume
  • Perform inventory inquiries to examine actual and projected movements by multiple inventory units
  • Track the movement inquiry associated with specific references
  • Print picking lists and dispatch documents as required
  • Confirm receipts picked or dispatched by location, lot, and/or serial number
  • Save goods receipts for matching/inspection
  • Perform traceability/batch reporting
  • Perform an inventory count or stock-take management
  • Print sequentially numbered tickets to assist counting control

Movement management

  • Track movement entry to a record-wide range of data on inventory changes
  • Set up a bin-to-bin transfer facility, respecting storage characteristics of new locations
  • Define different transfer order types to provide greater levels of detail
  • Create user-defined forms for transfer orders to suit organisational requirements
  • Support multiple warehouses and types of storage locations (zones)
  • Enable support for different storage characteristics

Costing and reporting

  • Track weighted, true, and defined averages; as well as standard, actual, latest actual, user-defined, and landed costs
  • Create movement cost records with a snapshot of item costs
  • Perform updates with information from movement definitions
  • Movement analysis and listings
  • Inventory listings, status, evaluation, usage, and cover
  • Expired items reports
  • Inventory count listings and valuation

Gain full visibility over your business

Innovate faster

React to ever-evolving market changes and pursue new business opportunities, more quickly and cost-effectively.

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Combine business processes with modern technology.

Simplify compliance

Security and compliance updates can be pushed out automatically to the entire organisation.

Global visibility and control
Infor SunSystems gives organisations full visibility and control of inventory, while maintaining customer service levels. Organisations get lot and batch control, traceability, multiple costing options, analysis, and product profiles to access inventory data quickly.

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