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Query and Analysis SunSystems Cloud

Infor's next generation reporting tools for SunSystems Cloud.

Empower decision-making for everyone in your organisation with the real-time information that Infor Query and Analysis for SunSystems provides.

Insight and demand

It's essential to know the directions your business must take. Whether you're acquiring new companies, launching new products, or pursuing other opportunities, it’s important to know where you’re headed and why. That takes real business intelligence and reporting proficiency. Infor Query and Analysis (Q&A) is an intuitive addition to the capabilities of Microsoft Excel and provides fast and adaptable ways to exchange data in real time with SunSystems. Q&A provides the finance user with a quick and easy-to-use method to build their own reports such as aged reports, P&L and Balance Sheet reports, with the flexibility to drill down on balances at both summary and transaction levels, expand lines and breakout reports. Q&A gives employees at all levels of your organisation immediate access to data that’s relevant to their roles and tasks to inform strategic decisions and recommendations.

Information when you need it

Get a top-down view of your entire business with this dynamic analysis and reporting application’s powerful analytical capabilities. More than 8,000 customers from organisations of all sizes around the world use Q&A to help them make business intelligence and reporting easier and more accurate. With reporting tools that include compliance and regulatory factors, Infor Query and Analysis gives you the information you need, where and when you need it, fast and efficiently. Easily make changes to meet your growing business needs.

Power made easy

With Infor Query and Analysis, you get intuitive desktop applications with a familiar user experience. Users can get up and running quickly with minimal training and technical skill because the software is integrated with Excel.


Ask the experts

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What to expect from Query and Analysis

  • Make informed and strategic decisions with confidence, anytime and anywhere
  • Flexibility to drill down, break out, and expand views at both a detailed transactional level and/or summary level
  • Employees from all lines of business can increase efficiency and streamline operations
  • Easily analyse trends, problems, and opportunities that are often concealed within corporate transactional data
  • Save frequently used analysis procedures and replay them in the future

Power made easy

  • Design your own reports without technical knowledge of the database. Q&A’s DataLink technology lets you explore your data using your terminology
  • Quickly and easily analyse business data, measure performance, and be more reactive with access to real-time data.
  • Quickly and efficiently create reports that highlight trends, patterns, and exceptions.
  • Get dynamic, multi-language, multicurrency, business intelligence tools that are powerful, flexible, secure, easy to use, and are in a consistent interface throughout the software.
  • The software needs minimal IT support and involvement which makes the maintenance easier.
  • Make inquiries in many ways and get multiple options for visualising data.
  • Schedule your analyses and reports to run at any time.

Empower your Employees
With Query and Analysis ad-hoc query and reporting tools, technical and non-technical users alike can easily get the precise information that’s relevant to their roles and tasks and generate reports with the intuitive and efficient interface. You get intuitive analytics, business intelligence, reporting, and alerting. Working in familiar environment, your employees will be empowered to find the information they need to make better decisions, faster.

Why Kick for Infor ERP & finance applications?

Over 250 years of product expertise across our project management, consultation and support teams, providing Infor solutions to over 12,000 users.

A leading UK reseller of Infor applications, a Pegasus Centre of Excellence Partner and Professional Advantage's Strategic Partner of the Year, we are committed to ensuring our people are educated and accredited, with customers able to access the expertise they need to develop their Infor solutions.


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Whether you are ready to start scoping or just want to discover more about Kick ICT, our experts are at hand to help.