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Sales Order Management

Sales Order Management for SunSystems Cloud.

Take complete control of sales order processing management.

Infor SunSystems streamlines sales order and distribution operations helping organisations to deliver high levels of customer service. Users can raise sales orders directly from within SunSystems and have them pass through multiple process flows such as picking and dispatch.

The SunSystems Sales module provides for flexible sales cycles with configurable value calculations, and extensive user-defined analysis fields. Organisations can configure order processes to suit the way their business works, create product profiles specifically for customers, along with advanced pricing.

With Infor Operating Services (OS) as its underlying technology platform, SunSystems provides users a unified modern experience and the ability to store and retrieve sales-related documents with Infor Document Management (IDM). Sales invoice documents can be emailed directly to customers; with the ability to automatically store these documents into Infor Document Management (IDM) and inherently link the document to the sales transaction. SunSystems Sales is fully integrated with the Financials modules, with shared Analysis Codes and powerful mapping facilities to automatically generate accounting transactions in real time. This provides an up-to-date view of the financial position driven by Sales activity.

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Customer Management

  • Utilise a flexible system for maintaining a wide range of customer details
  • Store multiple addresses per customer—each with definable characteristics, such as minimum sales order value or default dispatch warehouse

Pricing Management

  • Take advantage of sophisticated and flexible pricing capabilities for structured price bands
  • Create a price book hierarchy of up to ten levels for complex requirements
  • Set user-updateable selling prices

Credit Management

  • Take action on processes for orders on credit hold with reviewing and monitoring
  • Report on patterns of credit usage with automated credit-limit-exceeded warning at order-entry stage
  • Review payment monitoring to highlight changes in patterns

Sales order entry

  • Create quotations and convert quotes into orders using the quotation system, update the inventory balance with sales orders and credit notes, and create online inventory inquiries
  • Take advantage of an unlimited number of definable sales order types
  • Create standard, scheduled, blanket/contract, and create scheduled invoice payments based on payment rules
  • Perform credit checking and credit warnings, and set overdue limits
  • Set up credit approval and tolerance checking
  • Make credit approvals based on security
  • Review order details with full revision history using entry amendment

Sales order processing

  • Sequence or eliminate various sales stages to match business needs
  • Create user-defined views and extensive drill-paths to associated information
  • Facilitate easy access to sales procedures for printing, converting quotations, or printing acknowledgement and invoices
  • Avoid arbitrage differences between currencies that can occur from successive conversions via a flexible conversion process
  • Hold invoices in their actual value according to the time they
    were created at a user-defined rate in up to three currencies

Reporting on sales

  • Create standard reports on customer listings, order statuses, and sales listings
  • Base sales analysis on item, location, address, and
    analysis codes
  • Build user-defined reports on quotations, orders, credit notes,
    and invoices
  • Set up margin analysis based on costs captured at order entry
  • Perform quotation analysis, such as quotes converted to orders or cancellation reason
  • Produce performance reports for deliveries, quantities, and pricing
  • Assemble statistical declaration for EU VAT reporting
  • Generate simple and rapid reporting in any combination of currencies

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