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If you’re working with customers in the field, then make sure you support your team with the information needed to provide great customer service.

With Dynamics 365 Field Service you’ll gain access to a number of features all aimed at ensuring you're able to look after your customers wherever they may be.  There’s intelligence that will ensure you deploy the right technician to the right customer at the right time, including details on best traffic routes and access to all your back office information whilst on site - all available in real time and across any device.

Field Service also allows you to shift from traditional maintenance plans and appointments to providing a more proactive service to customers, with early identification of service related issues and access to predictive maintenance insights.

Improve satisfaction, productivity and cost management with Dynamics 365 Field Service, empowering your organisation to delivering exceptional experiences wherever your customers' location.


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What to expect from Dynamics 365 Field Service

Improve technician productivity

With ability to complete more service calls per technician.

Improve Issue Resolution

Access predictive, real time data to enable first time fixes.

Real Time Traffic Updates

Provide technicians with best route guidance to reduce travel time, mileage, and improve vehicle longevity.

Improve Customer Experience

Access to better appointment scheduling and capability to inform customers with accurate arrival times.

Create the ultimate platform

Combine Dynamics 365 Field Service with Dynamics 365 Marketing, Sales, Project Service Automation and Customer Service to deliver the ultimate customer engagement platform


Dynamics 365 Field Service

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Why Kick for Microsoft Dynamics?

We’re at the forefront of the Dynamics 365 evolution, delivering over 200 related projects in the past 12 months alone.

With over 300 years combined experience delivering transformational Microsoft solutions and accreditations including Microsoft Gold and Silver and Jet Elite Partner status, you can trust in our expertise - we’re here to help.

Ask the experts

We're here to help

Whether you are ready to start scoping or just want to discover more about Kick ICT, our experts are at hand to help.

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